Every day is wine day at 107 Liquor!

It just doesn’t make sense to give customers a good deal on wine once a week. You’ll find a wide range of items on sale every day at prices below or near other store’s “Wine Day” discount prices. If an item is not on sale then you can still get a discount by buying in quantity (sale items count as builders). On 750ml’s, six bottles receive a 10% discount and a full case of twelve bottles receives 15%. On 1.5L’s you receive a 15% discount on a full case of six bottles (no half case discount). If we were on the playground, Wine Day would get beaten up by six days of Common Sense.

We foam at the mouth over craft beer!

Seriously, we are crazy about craft beer. You can tell by just looking at the beautiful custom built cabinets we’ve created to hold our precious. Our latest investment is paying dividends for all of us. We’ve got a Growler Bar y’all!!! Buy a growler from us or bring in your own CLEAN growler and we will fill it up with the brew of your choice. You get the absolute freshest product at a great price and we make good money too!

Don’t forget that beer still comes in cans and bottles! We’ve got great a selection of both American Craft and Imports in all shapes and sizes. If you want to mix it up we’ve got a killer Mix Six section and we even have a drawer dedicated to high-end singles if you don’t want to spend $20+ on a 4pk. If you can manage to get the equivalent of a case together among the different package sizes then we will give you a 10% discount! Thirsty yet?

Oh yeah…we sell liquor too!

We’ve got all of your old favorites at great prices and we work hard to stay current with all the Hot New Products that you will have forgotten about in six months. If you haven’t tried the blueberry hibiscus honeysuckle flavored vodka yet you’re really missing out. Of course we have all of the standard brands you see around town but we strive to have some upper-end highlights in each category if you’re looking for something special. Nowhere is this more evident than our American Whiskey section. We’ve got an extensive selection of single barrel and small batch whiskeys that will make your mouth water and your pocket book hurt. Sorry (not really).

Don’t have what you’re looking for?

It happens folks. Either we’re not perfect or we are perfect and the product you want just isn’t available in Arkansas. We don’t mind trying to find it and doing a special order if it’s available. Just ask at the counter!